Teaser Ideas

Teaser Ideas (we could have called them trailers but teasers is more fun)

Building upon the success of presenters who submitted "teasers" last year, once again we are inviting all K12 Online 2008 presenters to publish a presentation "teaser" as a short, online video prior to the start of the K12 Online Conference. The idea is to give attendees a better idea of what your presentation will address.

These "presentation teasers" could be similar to short advertisements for the sessions, generating and piquing interest.

This is optional, since not everyone may want to provide a teaser. Initial discussions have suggested a length of 30 seconds to two minutes: Not a very long video. 5 minutes would probably be too long.

The deadline for submission is 21 September 2008.

Your teaser should be uploaded to the online video hosting service of your choice and tagged: k12online08 and perhaps teaser.

The official presentation descriptions don't always accurately reflect the nature/format/even content of the presentation. Teasers do not have to fully resemble the presentations but should give an idea what the presentation is about and allow attendees to better plan their participation.

Past presenters have commented that this is challenging in a productive way. It helps presenters prepare, preview, and focus their delivery for the virtual environment as well as hone their editing skills.

The set of teasers, or trailers if you like, really make a nice overview for the conference display window which the conveners will be assembling.

Free video hosting sites include (add others you know of that are not listed please) -- sites favoured (i.e. we've used them and found they worked well for us) by the conveners are starred. Whatever site you use it must have embedding capabilities for your video. All links are to the wikipedia page for the site so you can make an informed decision. The link to each site can be found at the bottom of the wikipedia page.