Presenter Pages

Each day of the conference, four new presentations (two in each stand of the week) will be posted to the official conference blog. For each presentation, the following information will be posted:
  1. Presentation title
  2. Presentation description
  3. Short presenter bio
  4. Link to presenter bio
  5. Link(s) to the actual presentation

Only a short bio will be published to the conference blog. On your Presenter Page here you are invited to create a fully fleshed out bio and any contact info you care to add. The amount of personal/contact information you share here is entirely your own decision. We will link to the page you create here from your Presentation Post when it is released on the conference blog. Please create your presenter page (or link to it if you host it elsewhere) in the Presenter Directory below.

Presenter Directory

Preconference Keynote: Stephen Heppell

Getting Started Keynotes:
Alice Barr
Bob Sprankle
Cheryl Oakes
Prove It! Keynote:
Gardner Campbell
Kicking It Up A Notch Keynotes:
Julie Lindsay
Vicki Davis
Leading The Change Keynote:
Chris Lehmann
Jennifer Kraft
Glen Bull
Thomas Hammond
Curby Alexander
Sylvia Martinez
Carlene Walter
Donna DesRoches

Kern Kelley

Jon Becker
Lisa Parisi
Scott McLeod

Chris Betcher

Alec Couros
Elizabeth Lloyd
Louise Maine

Sharon Betts

Konrad Glogowski
Sharon Peters
Scott Snyder
Aimee Stoffel

Laurie Fowler

Sara Kajder
Kim Cofino
Jen Wagner
Peggy Sheehy

Steven Kimmi

Barbara Bray
Michele Wong Kung Fong
Wendy Drexler

Brian Crosby

Kathy Cassidy
Patrick Lewis
Ann Oro
Anna Baralt
David Warlick

Jackie Gerstein

Elaine Newton
Lorna Costantini
Matt Montagne
Bud Hunt
H. Songhai
Richard Beach
Mathew Needleman
Dennis Richards
Charlene Chausis