H Songhai

I teach Media Literacy and Digital Archiving at Hope Charter School in Philadelphia and at the Delaware Futures college preparatory program in Wilmington, Delaware. I'm a graduate of Philadelphia's Central High School and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Over the last 30 years, I've worked, studied and collaborated with many of the nation's leading artists, writers and musicians including: Amiri Baraka, Askia Muhammad Toure, Etheridge Knight, Odean Pope, Byard Lancaster Aschak, Richard Watson, Lamont B. Steptoe, Theodore Harris, Mbali Umoja, Elliott Levin and jazz bag pipe player, Rufus Harley.

In 1995 I convinced a number of important writers, artists and photographers to allow me to digitize a selection of their hand written poems, collages, photographs, and linear drawings. I scanned their images and documents, indexed and labeled them and stored them on 3 1/2" floppy discs. All of the artists received disc sets for themselves and I was granted permission to sell and distribute the discs at craft shops and computer expos throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The digitized work was marketed as clip and photo art and was used primarily for desktop publishing.

Today, thirteen years later, I still collect, digitize, index and archive a broad range of audio, visual, and handwritten documents.
In the 11 years I've been teaching, I've shared a fair amount of my digital archive with my students - photos, audio and video.
Multimedia and digital tools are a given in my classroom. I've found that students today don't just want, but they expect multimedia and digital tools as a part of the regular classroom layout. Students expect technology to fold into their learning and training, effortlessly - like a touch screen mobile phone.

At this K12 2008 conference, I am particularly interested in exploring with you some of the ways that we can motivate our students to fall in love with school and how to digitally archive the historic and important products of their learning.

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