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I Like Delicious Things: An Introduction to Tagging and Folksonomies

by Chris Betcher

Using examples from a number of tag-driven websites, this presentation will look at how tagging and the creation of user-created folksonomies are changing the way we think about information.

Starting with the obvious tagging system used by sites like Flickr and Delicious, we will examine how tagging enables information to be classified, sorted and managed in ways that make it more accessible, easier to manage and more self-aware. Using further examples, we will explore how tags can be aggregated across large groups of users to offer a snapshot into the overall zeitgeist of collective thinking.

Extensions to the presentation can be found over at betchablog.wikispaces.com/DeliciousThings and will provide information on signing up for accounts, some further easy to understand examples of tagging, showcase some innovative uses of tagging, and give educational examples of how tagging could be used to enhance learning.

betchaboy.jpgAbout the Presenter

As someone who has been in (and occasionally out of) education for over 20 years, Chris Betcher has a few opinions on how he’d like it to work. He currently teaches at Presbyterian Ladies College in Sydney, Australia in the role of ICT Integrator.

Chris originally trained as an art teacher, but thanks to an interest in graphics and design, drifted away from that role and into a variety of technology related areas including the teaching of computing and multimedia, professional development of staff in ICT, network administration and ICT coordination, and even some private training and consulting for companies like Intouch and Microsoft.

Chris blogs about education, technology and ideas at Betchablog and also produces a podcast called The Virtual Staffroom which looks at issues of relevance to teachers working with technology.

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More Delicious Things

I've tried to include most of the important ideas about tagging in this presentation, but you can only cover just so much in the allowed time of 20 minutes. Inevitably, some things get skimmed over while others get missed completely. Keeping the presentation to 20 minutes was quite a challenge!

To this end, the conversation will be continued with further examples, more videos and a chance to ask questions and leave comments over at http://betchablog.wikispaces.com/DeliciousThings.

Please drop in and offer feedback, leave a comment, ask a question, or voice an opinion!

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